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Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry is a less invasive, more comfortable option to conventional dentistry. Healthy tooth structure is preserved with the use of laser due to its pin point accuracy. Over time, this means your teeth have a longer life span because the more natural tooth structure that is present, the stronger the tooth is.

The laser produces a wavelength of energy that can cut tooth and soft tissue in most cases without local anaesthesia; however in very deep areas of the tooth where individual needs dictate, anaesthetic may be desirable.

Used extensively for soft tissue surgery and implant surgery

The laser is used extensively for soft tissue surgery and implant surgery reducing healing time. The laser is ideal for caries removal and tooth preparation as these procedures are carried out quickly, safely and precisely.

The laser also sterilises the working area. The laser cannot be used to remove old existing amalgams (silver fillings) as it vaporises the mercury. The practice has five different lasers on offer. 

Laser is a more comfortable and conservative option to the conventional drill.

Each laser has specific applications which cover the following

  • Laser teeth whitening (Smartbleach)
  • Laser for soft tissue surgery and painful jaw joints. This laser can also help cold sores
  • Restorative (fillings)
  • Laser Fluoride Application (preventive treatment – 6x more effective with laser)
  • Endodontic (Root Canal Treatment)
  • Diagnostic (for the early detection and treatment of decay)

The laser techniques are available for most procedures but will need to be individually assessed.


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